The Artist

I was born and raised in Lebanon with a passion for art and culture. With a primary focus in sculpture, I went to Perugia, Italy to study at the Escuela De Bella Arte. It wasn’t until later, as a student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts in Boston, that I discovered jewelry. Through my studies, I was able to transform my love for sculpture into metal pieces on a smaller scale. Upon graduating from Tufts, I lived in Ecuador for 10 years until I moved to Clearwater, Florida. Living and traveling around the world has exposed me to many other cultures, among these are Middle Eastern, South American and African. Each culture’s direct influence can be seen in my work.

My designs are a reflection of who I am and what I have become. My love for the medium I use allows me to overcome the stiffness of the metal and explore its softness, resulting in different textures, looseness and motions clearly visible in my work.

My award-winning jewelry is elegant, contemporary, and most importantly, wearable. Each hand made piece is forged, hammered and textured with a satin finish to bring out the ice cold white of the sterling silver against the warmth of the 18K and 22K gold. The geometric shapes of the metal coupled with precious/semi precious stones gives my pieces a refined look, while the hand-hammered textures soften the work for an ethereal quality. Through the hammer marks, I want the wearer to see the hands and heart behind my casually elegant pieces.

My inspiration is the beauty that exists everywhere; in the past, present and future. My aim is to echo back to the wearer the feeling of love I put into every piece I create and to have people feel the excitement and joy of having discovered The Art of Jewelry.